Accelerate Your Career Dream Job Life Excellence!

Over the years, I’ve been on a mission to build strong leaders through coaching, workshops, and training courses, with a sprinkle of diversity, equity, and inclusivity magic. If you’re feeling “stuck”, “unfulfilled” or just want “more” for yourself – I coach THAT.

For 2024, I will be launching a 12 week career development program aka ‘Accelerate Your Excellence. Yay!!

Currently, I am looking for 7-10 individuals that would benefit from an online group coaching program. The first round is a pilot program and is being offered at a deeply discounted rate in exchange for feedback and testimonials. The program will start on March 4th, 2024. If you know anyone that would be a good fit for the pilot program of Accelerate Your Excellence please send me their info. 

The pilot will be $1875 then after the pilot I will be offering the program at $3750. 

There will be an application and onboarding process. I hope to have everyone ready to go by February 28th, 2024. 

Here is a 10k foot breakdown…

A career coach, like me, serves as a guide, helping the individual navigate the uncharted waters of their professional path. Accelerate Your Excellence will include: 

12 weeks of online DIY courses, an amazing abilities assessment among other self assessments, 2 weekly group coaching calls and 3 individual 1:1 coaching sessions. During this time we will focus on the following. 

1. Self-Discovery: Unearth the gems within you. Through personalized assessments, like the Highlands Ability Battery, we uncover your unique abilities, strengths, and areas for growth.


2. Goal Setting: Craft a roadmap tailored to your aspirations. Whether it’s a career transition, leadership development, or personal fulfillment, setting clear goals is the foundation for success.


3. Overcoming Challenges: Life throws curveballs, and your career is no exception. A career coach provides strategies to navigate obstacles, overcome self-doubt, and maintain resilience.


4. Accountability and Support: Ever felt overwhelmed by the journey alone? A career coach stands by your side, offering encouragement, insights, and the occasional push when needed.

                                I look forward to serving those wanting to develop within their current career or transition to the next chapter this year! Yay!