You are a human-being in a human-doing world.

Individual Solutions

Whether you’re still searching for your calling and purpose or actively in pursuit – individual solutions tailored to support you in being your best personal and professional self await.

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“I approached Tiffany because I felt like I needed help with filling gaps to continue my growth as a leader for my company, my team, and myself. I felt like my message was falling flat and jeopardized what my team could achieve as a department and as individuals. Tiffany was unbelievably helpful to me and The Humanity Approach provided the learnings that helped me fill in those gaps.

I updated my tactics through The Humanity Approach exercises and this allowed me to push my team and achieve the vision I had set for my department. I have been proud to see that we are hitting levels of autonomy and mastery both as a department and as individuals. This achievement is creating purpose-driven outcomes for my group and we are at a whole new level compared to when I first started working with Tiffany.”

-Jeremy P.,
Global Human Resources Director

Past Clients Have Experienced

  • Rapid personal development within their chosen careers
  • Clarity on their goals and mission
  • Success and fulfillment doing work they love
  • Promotions & improved executive presence
  • Ability to effectively lead and hold team accountable


More Transformations

What suffered was my confidence in my new role, keeping projects on task, creative collaboration, longer delays in customer resolutions and keeping up moral. I embarked on another engagement with Tiffany and we focused on learning how to effectively set expectations, my mindset around how I wanted to show up as a leader, and empowering my team to have pride and accountability in their jobs.

This led to improving and maintaining higher levels of customer service both internally and externally, increased team collaboration and innovation. An additional outcome was furthering our service offerings and expanding our business within our current client base.

Finally, I opted to hire Tiffany again more recently for a third engagement as I was transitioning into a Director role. This was more for peace of mind that I had some one in my corner that could be my strategic thinking partner and provide a perspective outside the scope of my day to day.”


Director of Client Relations and Implementations

Online Learning & Courses

Education is empowerment and the greater your education the more clarity, confidence and value you add to your chosen career path. Know yourself, advance your skills and become the leader you always wanted to follow.

Group Career Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey with “Accelerate Your Excellence,” a 12-week career coaching program designed for those craving a fulfilling career transition. Uncover your unique abilities, receive personalized coaching, and join a supportive community. 

Career Coaching


Not your traditional career coaching. This isn’t about a resume-rewrite or a social media status update. It is about avoiding burnout by finding the career path that lights you up from the inside. Finding solutions that drive your purpose, your passion, and your career forward.

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